Are High-Efficiency Furnace Filters Worth the Investment?

If you're looking to improve the air quality in your home, investing in a high-efficiency filter is a great option. Not only will it help reduce dust and other pollutants, but it can also eliminate odors. Studies have shown that, with a constant speed fan, cooling energy consumption increases as the filter gets dirtier over time and fan power consumption may increase. However, this depends largely on the fan performance curve investigated.

It's important to note that any air filter will filter particulates from the air before they flow through the entire HVAC system. Ultimately, the decision to pay more for a better filter or not comes down to whether cleaner air is a priority for you or not. Flat filters should be replaced every 3 months or every month if there are allergies, pets, or someone smokes in the home. Some limited experimental studies have been conducted with many composite factors, making it difficult to draw a clear conclusion about the energy impact of filters. The clog increases the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet sides, which can cause the folds of the filter to flatten or the filter frame to bend.

This is because folds offer a thicker filter material, but also increase the surface area, leaving more free space for air to pass through. Most air filters have a value of 1 to 13, but HEPA filters, which are commonly used in hospitals, have a MERV rating of 13+. The total energy was calculated by adding the energy consumption during the first two hours of operation of each set of filters tested. When it comes to the health and comfort of your family, friends, and other guests, it's a good idea to buy the most efficient air filter you can afford. That's why it's important to only use air filters with the MERV rating recommended by the air conditioning system manufacturer. Additionally, higher-efficiency filters don't necessarily have a greater pressure drop than lower-efficiency filters since the filter pressure drop depends mainly on the filter medium and filter design, not necessarily on filter efficiency.

When most people talk about an electronic air filter, they usually mean an air purifier or an electrostatic air filter.

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