Choosing the Right Filter Media: Factors to Consider

Pressure drop is a decrease in fluid pressure across a piping component, such as a filter. As the liquid passes through the filter medium, where contaminants are removed, it changes direction several times, resulting in a lower pressure once the liquid passes through the filter. This resistance to flow is what causes the pressure drop. A number of factors contribute to the pressure drop, such as the filter medium, the contaminants present, the flow rate, and the viscosity.

As the filter bag or strainer begins to fill, the pressure drop increases as the filtered debris reduces the surface area of the filter. If the pressure drop is too high to begin with, the filter will quickly reach a point of no return and become clogged. When selecting filter media for an industrial application, there are several factors to consider. The type and size of filtered particles will determine how often it must be emptied.

The right filter material inside a Sly filter chamber is a key component for predictable dust collection performance. It's important to design a filtering solution for the most challenging scenario. The ST SpinMeister combined system, ideal for vacuum applications in the wood milling industry, uses a pre-filter to remove coarse-grained dust particles from wood (85% at 15 microns), which significantly extends the life of the ST in-line primary filter. Common filter paper is suitable for general occasions, while fiberglass filter paper is better for high temperatures and super clean polypropylene filter paper is best for ultra-fine particles.

The proportion of filter paper also plays an important role in production. Before installation, it is necessary to know the required service clearance to remove a filter element from the housing and the weight of the filter cover and element. Learn more about how a correct selection of filter cloth will help ensure trouble-free pressing operation with excellent mass formation. Micronics automatic fabric washing systems are suitable for extending the life of properly selected filter cloth.

Industrial filters can be designed and manufactured to adapt to available space and limitations of a new system or existing plant. Most industrial air and gas filters are made of steel; however, quality and final finish of steel are subject to specific process conditions.

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